Cardboard Turntable

Using SAM Labs' Bluetooth powered blocks and the SAM Space app, you can make your own turntables! Using the blocks and hooking them up to MIDI (a music editing software) within SAM Space, you can warp, twist, remix or compose music as you please!

You will need: cardboard, scissors, glue, 2x Light Sensors, a SAM Dimmer, 2x SAM Sliders, 2x SAM Buttons, 2x SAM Pressure Sensors

  1. Create the turntable by cutting cardboard pieces into the shape of a turntable, leaving spaces for the SAM blocks to fit in (to mimic the controls). You should end up with a rectangular, shallow box with a 'disc' on top and small rectangular holes for the SAM blocks.
  2. Insert the blocks in the spaces so they're secure
  3. Next, program your SAM blocks! In the SAM Space app, turn on and drag all the blocks onto the canvas. Connect them to a 'MIDI Out' block. Then, open a music program, Ableton for example, and program each block with a different sound effect.
  4. Now it's your time to shine! Connect the blocks to the 'MIDI Out' block and warp the sounds of music!