Epic Torch

An Epic Torch that will make saying the "S" word a little less scary!

You will need: a card, paper, string, velcro, a SAM RGB Light and a SAM Tilt Sensor

Incise the card three times, so you have four panels and fold them into a tube with four sides. Cut out squares for the top and bottom and attach them to the tube.

To secure the body of the torch, use some string to wrap around it. Customize your torch and give it a cool design!

Next, attach the Tilt Sensor to the outside of the torch. Use something adhesive that you can get off (like velcro) to make sure you can remove your SAM blocks afterwards.


Turn on and pair your SAM RGB Light to the SAM Space app. Then, you'll need to drop and secure the light inside of the tube tunnel. To do so, make sure there is a blocker so that the light will stay propped up inside.

Next, you'll need to make the paper filters that will create shadows on the walls. To do so, measure the opening of the torch and draw a square on a sheet of paper.


Then, add a clearance on all four sides of approximately 1cm.

Draw your design in the middle of the square. 


Tip: If you're doing anything with writing, it should be on the inside of the filter, so it's not backwards!

Now, we need to hook up our SAM blocks to the app.

Turn on your blocks and pair them if you haven't already, and drag them onto the canvas. 
Drag on 3 ‘Compare’ blocks, 1 ‘OR Logic Gate’, 1 ‘Delay’ block, 1 ‘Text’ block, and 1 ‘Counter’ block.

Connect the SAM Tilt Sensor to 2 ‘Compare’ blocks.

Connect both of them to the ‘Text’ block and the ‘OR Logic Gate’ block.

Connect the OR to the ‘Delay’ block

Connect the ‘Delay’ to the ‘Counter’ block

The ‘Counter’ to the 3rd ‘Compare’ and that to the RGB Light block

Go back to the first two Compares. Set one to = 0. Then the second to = 100.

Double-click on the ‘Text’ block and write in "reset"

Click on the ‘Delay’ and set it to 500ms.

Click on the last Compare and set it to < 5.

    Test it out and create your own game of shadows!