Minecraft Sword

Take your Minecraft game to the next level! In this project, you'll learn how to hack Minecraft by making your own controller. Can't eat chips at the same time when you play normally? Now you can. Use SAMs and an awesome DIY sword to control the game. See below to learn how to LIVE the game!

You will need: Markers, Paper, Board, SAM Tilt sensor, SAM Slider, SAM Button.

  1. Gather Your Materials: To make the sword, you'll need some markers, a SAM Tilt, Slider and Button, and some paper or board
  2. Colour the lines of the sword in blue, green and black, creating a 'woven' effect with the colours
  3. Now cut it out, carefully cutting the sword's edges, making sure to keep right angles throughout.
  4. Use some sticky tape to attach the SAM Tilt to the top and the SAM Button and Slider to the bottom of the sword (easily accessible to your thumb)
  5. Turn on the SAM Tilt, Button and Slider and open the SAM Space app
  6. Then, drag 1 "To Key" and 2 "Control Cursors" onto the canvas
  7. Double click the one "To Key" and change it to "W" on your keyboard
  8. Change the "Control Cursors" to X-Axis and Left Click
  9. Connect the SAM Tilt and Slider to the "Control Cursors"
  10. Then, connect the SAM Button to the "To Key"
  11. Open Minecraft
  12. Play your way to victory in real life with the sword, SAM blocks and SAM app! For more awesome projects from Tech Age Kids, visit their website: