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What is SAM Labs?

Curriculum-aligned courses in STEAM and coding, empowering teachers to prepare a generation of computational thinkers. Our courses provide a comprehensive teaching and learning suite, utilizing a combination of lesson content, software and hardware to give students a hands-on, minds-on experience

Lesson Content



& Support

Are you looking for an elementary school level STEAM solution for K-5 that is a great precursor to writing code?

Our mission is to give non-technical educators the necessary tools to deliver curriculum-aligned STEAM lessons that help students learn the basics of coding. Our STEAM Kit is a great fit for your classrooms and our Sam Labs Apps and Bluetooth Blocks make programming fun and very engaging for both students and teacher.

Bringing STEAM to life in your classroom

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STEAM Course

K-5 Lesson Content

Lesson Plans, Teacher Slides, Student Handout & Step-by-Step

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SAM Space App

Intuitive, visual, flow-based coding app

Compatible with iPad, Windows 10, Android & Chromebook

K-5 Lesson Content

Wireless SAM Blocks & accessories with a range from sensors to motors

If you order our STEAM Classroom & Maker Kit Bundle by June 28th, we will credit you $100 towards your purchase and ship to you at no cost.

The STEAM Classroom & Maker Kit Bundle includes 50 lesson plans, materials for up to 30 students, and a 40-block charging station.

And our SAM Labs’ STEAM Classroom & Maker Kit Bundles:

  • work great for classrooms, makerspaces and STEM labs
  • make programming fun and engaging for both students & teachers
  Classroom Bundle
Content Age(Grade) 5-14 (K-8)*
lessons 50+ & 20 challenge**
Hardware SAM Block 57
Accessories 138
Software App SAM Space
Virtual block 35+
Charging Multi USB Cable included
Station (40 blocks) included
  Price (excludes Taxes) $1,999 $1,899
Student:Groups 36:12
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Training & Support

  • Introduction: In-app tutorials, getting started guides, starter lessons
  • Training: Real-time & on-demand webinars
  • Professional learning: Full day on-site PD courses available
  • Troubleshooting: Expansive FAQs & knowledge base
  • Support: IM & email


“SAM Labs simplifies complex concepts into more easily digestible activities."

Nate Gordon, Math & Technology Coordinator
Bullis School

"SAM Labs’ versatility and ease of use make lessons feel new, exciting and engaging"

Rory McGrath, Deputy Headteacher
Shacklewell Primary School

“It's easy to see the impact of SAM Labs because the students want to use it again and again."

Sarrie Paguirigan, Makerspace Coach
Portola Valley School District