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About Us

SAM Labs offers innovative courses to teach STEM, STEAM and coding with confidence. Our easy-to-use solutions, enable students to conduct experiments, solve problems, and design prototypes.


SAM Labs offers innovative courses to teach STEAM and coding with confidence. Our easy-to-use solutions, developed for specialist and generalist teachers alike, enable students to conduct experiments, solve problems and design prototypes. Our kits include practical curriculum-aligned courses, Bluetooth connected hardware blocks and interactive software – ready-made to master computational thinking.

SAM Lab’s brand intent is a journey to build educator confidence.

SAM Labs will give you the confidence to teach coding and computational skills by making the experience:

  • Easy

By creating an easy-to-use, recognized solution for educators

  • Effective

By offering ready-made courses, software and hardware to solve all of your curriculum and pedagogical needs

  • Recognized

By providing a recognized solution with a comprehensive approach to guide you from onboarding to training to networking

Our product is comprised of three primary components:

  1. Hardware: Bluetooth-enabled blocks
  2. Software: The SAM Space App
  3. Curriculum: Content created by teachers, for teachers

STEAM Course (ages 5-11)

The course brings real-world science contexts to life through a character-led narrative and physical computing. Students are guided to innovate systems which power prototypes and create solutions. From a smart greenhouse to a drag parachute, a seed dispersing squirrel to a working model of erosion, students consolidate their skills through our STEAM approach.

Learn to Code Course (ages 9-14)

The course brings computing concepts and programming to life with increasing complexity and depth of understanding through a character-driven narrative. In each lesson, students utilize and develop their coding and physical computing skills to help Sam, the fearless cyber security officer, to complete her ‘missions’.

STEAM and Learn to Code Course Content Pack components include:

  • Lesson Plan
    • Sets out the knowledge, skills and key learning, and provides an in-depth explanation of the system builds. Each Lesson follows the structure: Warm-Up, Mini-lesson, Worked Example, Challenge 1, Debug, Challenge 2.
  • Lesson Slides
    • Present a visual, interactive guide to all parts of the lesson for students. The Slides are available as PDF and powerpoint.
  • Student Handout
    • Provides opportunity for students to consolidate, evidence and reflect on key learning.

Our Differentiators

  • Ease of use
    • Our App has friendly UX/UI
    • Hardware that is durable and reliable
    • Curriculum that is created for teachers, by teachers (and a library of it)
  • Ease of implementation
    • Our App is compatible with a variety of devices
    • We have dedicated Customer Success for onboarding
    • Ongoing tech support for resolving issues
  • Time saving: Reduces teacher / administrator workload in STEAM / Coding
    • Covers learning standards state-to-state
    • Comprehensive, develops student learning sequentially and manages cognitive load
    • Versatile can be tailored to the different instructional format
  • Competitively Priced
    • For classrooms, schools, and districts