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SAM Labs offers a suite of STEAM, STEM and coding standards and curriculum-aligned lesson packs, starter lessons, standards alignment maps to support your planning.


Our STEAM course is a suite of Curriculum-aligned Lesson Packs, Starter Lessons, Standards Alignment maps and Curriculum Overviews to support your planning. Ranging from Year 1-6, our STEAM course provides everything you need to implement STEM or STEAM in your classroom.

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Learn to Code

Provide students with the opportunity to learn Computer Science concepts, code a program, reflect on and debug it while following Sam on a mission through Cyberspace. Available for Year 5-Year 9 students.

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Allow students to unleash their imagination. Our Maker section provides you with 75+ STEAM and Learn to Code Maker challenges. With a design-thinking and exploratory approach, students are encouraged to engage in the multiple pathways of manipulating and building code.

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Professional Development

Our Professional Development Courses aim to expand your toolbox and deepen your knowledge, providing scaffolded instruction. You will help inspire your learners to problem-solve, collaborate, and persevere.

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Distance Learning

The Distance Learning section offers both standards-aligned courses and standards-based learning activities for students in Year 1 through 8. This program allows you to get started quickly and adapt to remote or hybrid teaching as required.

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We’ve partnered with education provider Vernier to create standards-aligned lesson plans that incorporate real sensor data and Computer Science into essential science topics for Years 7-9. Combining both SAM Labs blocks and Vernier Sensors, students will engage in investigative science through hands-on exploration and block-based coding.

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Creators Series

The Creators Series is our low-tech entry-level standards-aligned lesson plans providing STEAM and Coding in-classroom or at-home. This series features hands-on lessons with versatile connectors and building straws by Strawbees along with various building bricks and accessories that bring key learning concepts to life. This mini kit series is ideal for Years 3-9 and facilitates learning in both a 1:1 and 2:1 environment.

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