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Getting Started

Let's get started with SAM Studio

Visit SAM Studio

Check out our STEAM and coding platform, SAM Studio, by clicking the link above. If you are a former google workbench user, welcome to SAM Labs – you are in the right place!

If you are an iOS user, you can download our SAM Space app through the app store. P.S. Make sure Bluetooth on your device is turned on.

Charge your SAM Blocks

Make sure your blocks are ready to use.
The light will turn green when the block is fully charged.

Pair your SAM Blocks

Open SAM Studio or SAM Space
Turn on your SAM Block
Tap ‘Connect’ at the bottom left corner of the screen
Tap ‘Connect Device’ from the pairing panel
Select your block from the list that appears
Click ‘Pair’

Learn the basics

It’s simple to get started with SAM Labs!
Now that you’ve charged and paired your blocks on SAM Studio, it’s time to explore and learn!

What’s next?

Download your STEAM Lesson Packs

Kickstart the STEAM course with our Starter Lessons, followed by our standards-aligned Lesson Packs, which guide students to create systems using SAM Studio.

Each Lesson Pack contains an easy-to-follow Lesson Plan, supporting Lesson Slides, interactive Student Handout and Step-by-Step student resource.