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SAM Studio

Your new home for STEAM & coding

Everything you need to teach engaging, impactful lessons. Two coding platforms, interactive K-8 lesson plans, formative assessments, project sharing, customer support—it’s all here. Just add teacher.
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Your all-in-one STEAM & coding platform for K-8

With SAM Studio, educators and students can code, create, and collaborate all on one platform. Available on web, SAM Studio is easy to access, intuitive to learn, and engaging to use! It’s your one-stop-solution for STEAM & coding.

Manage your classroom & projects

Organizing your class has never been easier. Group your students into classrooms or project groups with a few easy clicks. Spend more time with your students, and less time managing accounts.

Let them show off their work

Say goodbye to hacked together solutions, and say hello to in-app project sharing. With a few clicks you’ll be able to save, share, and show-off your students remarkable projects!

Start here. Scale here.

SAM Studio grows with your students. With two coding platforms suitable for beginner and intermediate coders, plus curriculum and hardware to match, SAM Studio has you covered from Kindergarten to 8th grade. No more changing platforms for each grade level—what a relief!

Teach On-screen & Off

Pair with your SAM Blocks to bring project-based learning to life, or use the virtual blocks inside SAM Studio to get started on-screen right away.

Coding tailored to your students

To best support beginner and intermediate coders alike, SAM Studio includes two coding languages: Flow-based coding with SAM Space, and Block-based coding with SAM Blockly.
What does that mean? Watch the videos below to learn more.

Easy Access

Browser-access requires less IT management of apps and reduces friction during implementation.

Automatic Saves

Never lose your hard work with an automatic saving function every 30 seconds.


Compatible with: micro:bit, Vernier Sensors, Google Sheets, Parrot Drone, Sphero Sprk+, SAM Labs

Single Sign-On

Log in to SAM Studio with your school email, Google account, or Microsoft account, making account management a breeze.

Personal Info

We care about your information. That’s why we’re COPPA, FERPA, and GDPR compliant.

Offline Mode

Internet acting up? No problem. Full-featured offline mode is available.

When we say all-in-one, we mean it

It’s not just the coding platforms. Curriculum, support resources … it’s all in one place with SAM Studio.

Standards-aligned curriculum

Access all of SAM Labs’ research-backed and evidence-based STEAM & coding curriculum, directly from SAM Studio. Unlock more content with every bundle you add, all easily accessible from the integrated Content Hub.

Integrated support

With SAM Labs, you don’t have to do it alone. Our support team of former educators is here to empower you to do what you do best: teach!

SAM Studio is better with SAM Blocks!

When you buy a SAM Labs bundle, you will unlock the most engaging, hands-on STEAM & coding experience you (and your students) have ever seen.

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