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Professional Development


Are you interested in how to meaningfully integrate SAM Labs into your classroom?

Our Professional Development Courses aim to expand your toolbox and deepen your knowledge, providing scaffolded instruction. You will help inspire your learners to problem-solve, collaborate, and persevere.

To support educators during this COVID-19 period, our PD training and certification will be completely free.

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Learn about the importance of computational thinking and how to enhance students’ learning potential.

Scaffolded Instruction

Similar to our courses, training is provided in the ‘Learn, Do, Reflect’ model.

Soft skills

Promotes collaboration, perseverance, and problem-solving.

Active engagement

Learn how incorporating SAM Labs promotes active engagement and authentic learning experiences.

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Benefits of Certification

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Demonstrate STEAM and Coding Pedagogical Leadership

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Increase your impact and grow your skills

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Build a stronger resume

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Trainer Certification


Professional development sam labs



Getting Started with SAM Labs

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Conceptual knowledge


Purpose & Pedagogy

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Practical knowledge


Hands-on, Minds-on Teaching with SAM Labs

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Implementing SAM Labs in Context

STEAM and Learn to Code Kits