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Professional Development and Training

Customizable Professional Development Package For Educators, Schools and Districts

Level 1 Certification Launching Fall 2020

We are excited to announce the release of a brand new, fully customizable STEAM and Coding Professional Development package for educators, schools and districts. Choose your pedagogy track, in-person or virtual delivery and from a variety of implementation options that put you in charge of your pace, budget and learning objectives.

The STEAM and Coding Professional Development Package includes these benefits:

  • An affordable, cost-effective way to deepen knowledge and understanding of STEAM and coding pedagogy
  • The choice to choose how many sessions and days depending on your staffs’ schedules
  • The opportunity to choose your focus, whether it be STEAM, Coding or a combination of both
  • A variety of delivery digital options, including self-paced individual on-demand lessons, or school or district live webinars for larger groups
  • On-site training for schools and districts for in-person delivery of professional development lessons
  • Choose to buy or rent SAM Labs kits for your training. Love your kits? You can purchase them after your rental term
  • Receive a SAM Labs Certification at the end of your course and badges for each level of certification
  • Become a certified member of the SAM Squad community, and gain access to other certified members, SAM Labs Education Consultants, exclusive SAM Labs discounts and more

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Course Menu

Learn about the importance of computational thinking and how to enhance students’ learning potential.

Scaffolded Instruction
Similar to our courses, training is provided in the ‘Learn, Do, Reflect’ model.

Soft skills
Promotes collaboration, perseverance, and problem-solving.

Active engagement
Learn how incorporating SAM Labs promotes active engagement and authentic learning experiences.


Benefits of Certification

Demonstrate STEAM and Coding Pedagogical Leadership

Increase your impact and grow your skills

Build a stronger resume

Trainer Certification


Professional Development SAM Labs



Getting Started with SAM Labs

Professional Development SAM Labs

Conceptual knowledge


Purpose & Pedagogy

Professional Development SAM Labs

Practical knowledge


Hands-on, Minds-on Teaching with SAM Labs

Professional Development SAM Labs



Implementing SAM Labs in Context