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SAM Labs launches new STEAM curriculum-aligned content

SAM Labs launches new STEAM curriculum-aligned content

Adding to our range of computational thinking and coding solutions, SAM Labs are delighted to announce that our newly revised STEAM content is now available for both the US and UK.

All lessons consist of:

  • Step-by-step Teacher Lesson plans
  • Full Lesson Slides
  • Student Worksheet
  • Student self-guided Step-by-Step lesson

US Curriculum – 50 lessons

  • 100% NGSS-alignment from K-5
  • All lessons aligned to CCSS ELA, CCSS Math & CSTA Computer Science
  • Emphasis on a cross-curricular approach

UK Curriculum – 47 lessons

  • All aligned with the National Curriculum for KS1 & KS2
  • Additional focus on Computing, DT, Art, Music, Maths with links to English
  • Emphasis on a cross-curricular approach


  • Ready-made lesson plans, lesson slides, student handouts and student step-by-step
  • Comprehensive lesson structure from theory to practice
  • Built-in formative assessments for students to evidence and reflect on learning


  • Visual, interactive and engaging lesson content based on real-world contexts
  • Emphasis on 21st Century skills and computational thinking
  • Blend of physical and digital with unique SAM Labs hardware and software

Our STEAM course is ideally suited to foster creativity, collaboration & critical thinking through real-world applications:

View US sample lessons     View UK sample lessons

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