STEAM for Educators

Engaging and effective K-8 STEM & STEAM educational solutions.

SAM Labs offers comprehensive resources and support for educators implementing STEAM in classrooms.

Our curriculum-aligned lesson packs, starter lessons, plans, and standards alignment maps empower educators to establish foundational future-ready skills in students. 

From hardware and software resources to ready-to-use lesson plans and activities, we provide everything educators need for seamless STEAM implementation in elementary and middle school classrooms.

Bring STEAM Concepts to Life

Inspire Profound "Aha" Moments

Dynamic Bluetooth-enabled hardware empowers students to become true creators and innovators.

Easily Teach Code & Systems

Use SAM Studio to provide students with the foundation to become proficient coders while also incorporating other core subjects.

Save Valuable Teaching Time

Incorporate STEAM and coding into instruction without additional planning or prep work.

Make it Your Own

Editable lesson content and student handouts ensure you have control over how your students learn.

No Expertise Required

Step-by-step guides and student handouts ensure effective instruction — no previous coding experience required!

Get World-Class Support

Our team of certified STEAM and coding educators is here to help you every step of the way.

STEAM Solutions for Every Learning Environment!

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Elementary STEAM Pathway

Integrate STEAM and coding skills into K-5 Science, Specials, General Education Classrooms and Makerspaces.
For grades K-5. 
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Middle School STEAM Pathway

Connect STEAM to real-world applications and break down coding barriers.
For grades 6-8.

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