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Everything You Need to Teach STEAM & Coding Successfully

SAM Labs is a one-of-a-kind STEAM and coding solution providing educators with everything they need to effectively bring STEAM and coding to life in the classroom. Our solutions include access to uniquely designed coding software, innovative Bluetooth enabled hardware for hands-on learning, ready-to-go standards-aligned lesson plans, and unlimited support from our team of certified educators.

To best support beginner and intermediate coders alike, we offer a free trial through 2 different solutions:

Learn to code kit SAM Labs

STEAM Solution

Our STEAM solution helps K-5 educators prepare their students by introducing STEAM concepts from an early age. Use easy-to-teach coding and prototyping solutions to teach science, mathematics, and critical thinking.

Learn to Code Solution

Our Learn to Code course is designed for Grade 4 to Grade 8 educators who are looking to make abstract programming concepts tangible. Designed for teachers at all levels of coding experience, use our easy-to-teach Block-based Coding platform and Bluetooth-connected hardware to bring projects to life.

Student coding in a STEAM lesson

During your free trial, you’ll discover how SAM Labs:

Student learning STEAM

Brings STEAM and coding to life for all K-8 students

Teaches computational thinking and key 21st-century skills using flow-based and block-based coding software

Turns students into creators and makers with easy-to-use Bluetooth enabled hardware

Easily connects to core curriculum through ready-made standards-aligned lessons

Teaching STEAM and coding has never been this easy!