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5E Instructional Model STEAM Lessons Launched

5E Instructional Model STEAM Lessons Launched

SAM Labs is delighted to announce the launch of additional and revised 5E Model of Instruction STEAM lessons to support student learning for grades 2-5. These inquiry-focused lessons are specifically designed to engage students and explore science concepts through coding and develop connections between past and present learning experiences. Each lesson also includes Common Core ELA and College and Career Readiness Standards allowing for seamless integration of reading, coding, and computational thinking into science lessons.

View these new lessons developed within the 5E instructional model to see the teacher and student facing materials, standards-alignment documents, interactive notebooks, maker moments extension activities, and more through our lesson content samples.

Why 5E?

The 5E Model of Instruction is focused on empowering students and developing their interests through five phases: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate. Through the 5E model, students learn to ask questions, observe, model, analyze, explain, draw conclusions, argue from evidence, and talk about their own understanding. With students at the center of the learning, they work collaboratively with peers to construct explanations, solve problems, and plan and carry out investigations.

The 5E model also allows students to connect their own experiences with science concepts. It is a simple and effective way to integrate other content areas and coding into science instruction.

Our curriculum designers have done the work for you, so you can teach and your students can shine.