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K-8 STEAM, STEM & Coding Curriculum Resources

SAM Labs solutions provide a suite of curriculum-aligned lesson packs, starter lessons, plans, and standards alignment maps to support your planning.

The Tools You Need to Spark Aha Moments Through Hands-On STEAM and Coding Activities

When learning is hands-on and project-based, students are more engaged and motivated to learn. STEAM in the classroom encourages teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills – all essential skills for success. Additionally, STEAM curriculum gives students the opportunity to apply what they’re learning in the classroom to real-world scenarios, helping them to better understand the material.  By teaching students how to think critically and solve problems creatively, we’re preparing them for successful futures. 

One of the barriers to implementing STEAM in the classroom is the lack of resources available to educators. At SAM Labs, we aim to empower educators with the resources they need.Our standards-aligned STEAM, STEM & Coding lesson content includes everything you need to teach a lesson from beginning to end. Our modular lessons are easy to follow and break apart into time chunks that work with any schedule and classroom. Lessons include everything you need to teach STEAM effectively, including a lesson plan, student-facing slides, step-by step-instructions, a student handout, a formative assessment, and an interactive Nearpod lesson.

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Grade K-5 STEAM Solution - Now With 5E Lesson Format

We are delighted to announce the launch of additional and revised 5E Model of Instruction STEAM lessons for grades 2-5. These inquiry-focused lessons are specifically designed to explore science concepts through coding. Each lesson also includes Common Core ELA and College and Career Readiness Standards allowing for seamless integration of reading, coding, and computational thinking into science lessons.

Our STEAM Solution includes over 75 hours of supplemental instruction for elementary students in kindergarten through fifth grade, including standards-aligned lesson packs, starter lessons, plans, standards alignment maps, and grade overviews to support your planning and help you teach critical 21st-century skills through STEAM instruction.

Grade 4-8 Learn to Code Solution

Help students learn Computer Science concepts, coding and programming, and reflect on and debug it. The Learn to Code Solution provides 50-unique coding for beginners activities that include a lesson plan, lesson slides, and engaging student resources to turn your learners into coders.

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Everything you need to effectively teach STEAM and coding is included!

Done-for-You STEAM & Coding Lesson Plans

design a habitat STEAM project

Easy-to-follow STEAM and coding lesson plans set out the knowledge, skills, and key learnings. Each lesson plan includes an intentional bug, requiring students to use computational thinking and critical problem-solving skills.

Editable STEAM & Coding Lesson Slides

Walk students through STEAM and coding projects with a visual and interactive guide that models all parts of the lesson. The STEAM & Coding lesson slides are available as Google Slides to allow for easy editing and in-class deployment.

Student Handouts & Interactive Notebooks

Provide opportunities for students to demonstrate curriculum knowledge and reflect on key learnings. Students will apply science, math, and ELA skills with these easy-to-use handouts, interactive notebooks. and Lexile leveled readers.

Step-By-Step STEAM & Learn to Code Guides

STEAM lesson plan for grade 5

Offer both students and teachers a visual tool guide that demonstrates the digital system being coded online as well as each step of building out the Bluetooth-enabled prototype.

STEAM & Learn to Code Formative Assessments

STEAM sample lessons by SAM Labs

Ensure students have learned through instruction and hands-on learning opportunities with standards-aligned, formative STEAM & Learn to Code assessments.

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