How It Works

How SAM Labs Works

SAM Labs empowers educators with the essential hands-on STEAM resources needed to revolutionize the student learning experience.

STEAM in Modern Education

In modern education, the integration of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) through hands-on learning is crucial. 

This offers students a well-rounded, practical education that promotes problem-solving and innovation. It equips them with essential skills to navigate the digital age and adapt to a rapidly changing world.

How your students can benefit from SAM Labs:

  • Hands-On Learning Approach
  • Development of 21st Century Skills
  • Real-World Practical Applications
  • Engaging Learning Experiences

By empowering educators to deliver inspiring, hands-on experiences in any learning environment, our solutions bring STEAM to life in ways never before possible.

What SAM Labs Can Offer You!

SAM Labs offers a range of STEAM products, including physical kits, software tools, and user-friendly online platforms that merge physical and digital resources to make learning engaging and creative.

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Elementary STEAM Solution

For grades K-5. 
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Middle School STEAM Solution

For grades 6-8.

Learning Environments We Support With STEAM Resources

In-Classroom Learning

Our STEAM solutions can easily be applied in the general classroom to supplement students’ core curriculum.

Learning Labs or Learning Centers

Used by many STEAM and technology specialists, our EdTech solutions are easily deployed in STEAM, technology, and innovation labs.


Our open-ended task cards, modular lessons, and STEAM or Maker Solutions frame a space for student-directed learning in any makerspace.

After-School Clubs

Our flexible resources empower students to engage in meaningful STEAM and coding activities in a variety of afterschool programs.

Gifted and Talented Programs

Our solutions are used in many gifted and talented programs to spark additional exploration and creative problem-solving.

Teacher & Educator Resources

SAM Labs provides a wealth of resources to support educators in implementing STEAM solutions in the classroom.

Educators can access comprehensive curriculum resources, STEAM lessons and strategies, and our support team to enhance their teaching with SAM Labs’ hands-on educational solutions.

These resources can empower you to create dynamic, engaging, and effective learning experiences for your students!

Who We Support

Educator teaching STEAM to students

General Classroom Teachers

Educator teaching students STEAM

STEAM/STEM Specialists

STEAM educators collaborating

Innovation Learning Directors

educator teaching STEAM to student

Librarians/Technology Instructors

Educator in STEAM classroom

Curriculum Directors

Educator on the phone


Teachers Love SAM Labs.