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Achieving Equity and Personalized Learning with the STEAM at Home Pack

How do we provide educational equity for all students? This has been a huge question in education and in today’s world. With COVID-19 affecting classrooms across the globe, this question has become that much more important to both educators and parents.
Oct 22, 2020

SAM Labs Announces a No-Tech STEAM at Home Pack

SAM Labs Announces a No-Tech STEAM at Home Pack STEAM at Home Pack - Computational Thinking Illuminating Living Rooms in the US, the UK, and Around the World.
Oct 22, 2020

2019-2020 Edtech Grants For Your Classroom, School or District You Need to Apply For

Grants and funding. You’ve probably heard about about them for pushing classroom initiatives, but it often seems like a lot of time, confusion and work to even consider as an avenue. For that reason, grants are often pushed aside as an option when more pressing daily tasks need to take place in schools.
Sep 30, 2019

Sign Up for At-Home Virtual Summer Camp: STEAM Distance Learning in the Living Room

Jun 24, 2020
steam, creators, competition, inspiration

Creators Competition Season One Student STEAM Project Inspiration: D.Va Highlight

With SAM Labs' recent launch of the Season One Global Creators Competition, students from all over the world have the opportunity to dream big and put their design skills to work. With dozens of awards to win and a chance for their work to be showcased on an international stage, there’s no shortage of excitement this season.
Apr 23, 2020

Resource Roundup: STEAM-Fueled Distance Learning Spring Field Trip Ideas

Distance learning has truly transformed the learning environment for K-12 schools, as the COVID-19 crisis has forced educators to go completely digital with their curriculum. While teachers have found an abundant supply of content and tools online to rapidly turnaround their lesson plans to teach online, there still has been a huge adjustment. Additionally, parents have taken on the additional responsibility of supporting children learning at home while students increase screen-time usage and navigate learning without being in the classroom.
Apr 1, 2020

Best 8 Free Ways to Teach STEAM Remotely

For many schools, the shutdowns caused by COVID-19 to prevent the spread of the virus across the United States have been unprecedented. This has left educators at many extreme disadvantages, from online curriculum creation to figuring out the best way to distribute content and support students throughout the process. Many teachers are probably now wondering, do I really know how to use online or digital learning now that I don’t even have a physical classroom to conduct my lessons? Is it still possible to create learning continuity as recommended by the CDC while distance learning?
Mar 25, 2020

Free STEM/STEAM Activities for Learning from Home During COVID-19

Over the past few months, there has been a growing concern over coronavirus, the pandemic that is sweeping its way nation-to-nation and quickly taking foot into the United States. Within the past few weeks, schools across the nation have been swift in response, shuttering their doors and issuing mandatory closures to try to limit the risk of exposure and transmission between staff and students.
Mar 18, 2020

Interview with STEM presidential finalist + free ebook, wall poster and video

Mar 11, 2020

K-12 Teacher Interview: Why the Physical Connection Creates Learning Success

Mar 5, 2020

K-12 Teacher Interview: Why Educators Need to Make STEM/STEAM a Way of Life

Feb 26, 2020

Traditional Teaching vs. Learning Through Failure: Which Works Best?

Feb 19, 2020