Digital and Distance Learning

Digital and Distance Learning

Teaching and learning from home support during COVID-19

We Want to Help!

We have worked around the clock to support educators, school leaders and parents to provide free, virtual learning activities and resources to keep the learning going.

Access discounted kits, free webinars, digital classroom lessons, and training (Professional Development) for educators, parents and students (Grades K-8).

Blocky Digital Steam Learning

Digital Classroom

Our new Digital Classroom for Distance Learning offers asynchronous STEAM and Coding lessons across Kindergarten to Grade 8. This mode of instruction (featured in Nearpod) includes engagement activities, pre-recorded audio, and video instruction which offers flexibility and accessibility for students at home or at school.

Want to integrate STEAM and Coding into your digital classroom? Access our sneak peek of three free lesson plans that are ready to be plugged directly into your curriculum!

Customizable Professional Development Packages coming soon

We are excited to announce the release of a brand new, fully customizable STEAM and Coding Professional Development package for educators, schools and districts. Choose your pedagogy track, in-person or virtual delivery and from a variety of implementation options that put you in charge of your pace, budget and learning objectives.

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Digital Distance Learning

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