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We help teachers and educators teach with confidence by bringing innovative STEAM and coding courses and resources

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SAM Labs Edtech Podcast

Stay in the loop on all things STEAM and Coding in the world of education!

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Featured STEAM & Coding Lessons

Check out these structured lesson activities written by teachers

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Design a Habitat (STEAM - Grade 2)

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Compose a song steam activities 1

Compose a song (STEAM - Grade 2)

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Big recycle steam lesson 2

The Big Recycle (STEAM - Kindergarten)

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Threat Attack (Grade 4 - Learn to Code)

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Featured Blogs

Stay up to date on the world of STEAM, STEM and Coding

3 ways to STEAM 1a

3 Ways to Implement STEAM in a Personalized Learning Environment

SAM LABS RFP featured photoa

Here’s a Free K-12 RFP Template for STEAM Product and Curriculum

STEAM Pillar 3a

The Benefits of STEAM Learning in K-12 Education


Featured K12 Teacher Interviews

Digital & Distance Learning Resources

Access free & discounted kits, webinars, virtual lessons, and training (Professional Development) for parents, students (Grades 1-8), and teachers.

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Professional Development

Our Professional Development Courses aim to expand your toolbox and deepen your knowledge, providing scaffolded instruction. You will help inspire your learners to problem-solve, collaborate, and persevere.

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Learn about the importance of computational thinking and how to enhance students’ learning potential.

Scaffolded Instruction

Similar to our courses, training is provided in the ‘Learn, Do, Reflect’ model.

Transdisciplinary Skills

Promotes collaboration, perseverance, and problem-solving.

Active Engagement

Learn how incorporating SAM Labs promotes active engagement and authentic learning experiences.

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