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STEAM Resources for K-5 Classrooms

Embark on an immersive journey into STEAM with our Elementary Pathway. Our extensive array of lessons and activities goes beyond abstract concepts, bringing knowledge to life through hands-on experiences, real-world scenarios, and vibrant discussions.

Prepare to ignite curiosity in your classrooms as students explore the interconnectedness of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. With SAM Studio, we provide differentiated coding options that cater to all learners, fostering a love for coding from the start.

Aligned with standards and designed for multiple opportunities for student discourse, our curriculum ensures a holistic learning experience. Students not only acquire essential skills and knowledge but also develop character traits like adaptability and resilience through iterative problem-solving.

Benefits of Our Elementary STEAM Resources & Hands-On Learning

Increased Engagement

Providing interactive, immersive experiences to engage students, spark curiosity and enhance the understanding of educational concepts.

Development of 21st Century Skills

Interactive lesson content promotes critical thinking and creativity while working collaboratively through inquiry and design processes.

New Learning for Existing Subjects

Learning existing standards in new, tangible ways increases concept mastery in subjects like science, math, and technology.

Foundations in Coding

Gain coding experience to boost computational thinking. The user-friendly, flow-based programming interface empowers beginners to create projects and build coding skills and confidence gradually.

Connections to Real-World Problems

Real-world problem-solving enhances elementary students’ learning, making it more engaging and relevant and laying a solid foundation for future problem-solving.

Building Toward the Future

Students connect experiences to future careers while learning technological literacy and interdisciplinary understanding, key competencies required in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.

STEAM Resources for Successful Implementation

The STEAM Solution comes with everything you need to effectively integrate STEAM into the classroom, including:

  • Hardware Kits included: STEAM Classroom Kit, Maker Kit, and Charging Tray
  • Free Warranty on all Hardware Blocks
  • Additional Hardware Kits are provided at no cost each year the subscription is renewed
  • Comprehensive Standards-Aligned Curriculum Options
  • Free Level 1 Professional Development
  • Asynchronous teacher training modules
  • Course offerings include STEAM, STEAM 5E, Learn to Code, Maker Challenges, and more.

But the journey continues with our dedicated team of former certified K-8 educators. They’re more than just support; they’re your personal success guides, ensuring every step of your educational journey is triumphant!

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STEM Integration Success Story

“We really wanted integration. We did not want to just stem on the side. We wanted all students to have an opportunity to experience whatever we were going to be bringing in. And then myself, just from being an elementary teacher, I really wanted it to be integrated.” -Laura Nylen

With SAM Labs' STEAM Elementary Solution, you will be providing students with opportunities for STEAM and computational thinking starting at a young age. Our program builds an inclusive and equitable pathway, preparing students for success in middle school and beyond. See for yourself and request pricing.