Foundations in CS

The best way to prepare students for long-term success in computer science.

The SAM Labs Foundations in CS Course provides a comprehensive, accessible gateway into computer science for teachers and students alike in grades 3-5.

Fostering essential computational thinking skills without requiring any prerequisite expertise, this course assures equitable access to digital CS education with an engaging, affordable, and device-friendly curriculum that needs no extra preparation.

Unlocking Student Potential Beyond CSTA Standards in an Easy-to-Use Coding Environment

Computational Thinking

Providing interactive and immersive experiences that actively teaches computational thinking allowing students to unpack a problem, identify patterns, and construct a solution

Development of 21st Century Skills

Interactive lesson content promotes critical thinking and creativity while working collaboratively through inquiry and design processes.

Connections to Real-World Problems

Learning through solving real-world problems make elementary students learning experience more relevant and engaging, thereby building a strong foundation for future problem-solving tasks.

Flow-Based Coding

The platform's intuitive, flow-based programming interface allows beginners to easily start creating projects, progressively building their skills and confidence in coding.

In-App Lesson Support

A variety of interactive elements that are created for you, but easily customizable to suit your students specific needs.

Everything in One Place

A responsive, in-app environment, so no toggling back and forth between lessons and the coding platform .

Everything needed for successful implementation.

The Foundations in Computer Science Course comes with everything you need to effectively teach CS concepts in grades 3-5, including:

  • Standards-aligned lesson materials
  • User-friendly, flow-based coding interface
  • Optional Bluetooth-connected hadrware

But the journey doesn’t stop there. Backing you every step of the way is our unparalleled team of experienced former K-8 educators. They’re more than just support; they are your personal success guides, committed to making sure every moment of your educational journey is a triumphant one!

Lesson Preview of our Interactive Environment

Within each of our 27 lessons, students will be able to work and manipulate our virtual SAM Space blocks to create their own systems directly in the lesson.

Lessons included are incorporated into 4 units: 

  • Algorithms and Programming
  • Data and Analysis
  • Impacts of Computing
  • Networks and the Internet

Watch this preview of the Exploring Loops lesson to see more. 


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