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SAM Space Flow-Based Coding

SAM Blockly Block-Based Coding

Dig into these amazing, standards-based lessons!

4th Grade Lesson

During this STEAM lesson for Grade 4, students will gain understanding of how vehicles are modified to suit their purpose, exploring the design of the Mars rover as a case study.


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7th Grade Lesson

During this Learn to Code lesson for Grade 7, students will gain an understanding of what a compound conditional is and how to use it effectively in programming. They will integrate and exhibit learning by helping Sam create a program that simulates a game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’.

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These are just 2 videos of prototypes out of the thousands of successful lessons taught using SAM Labs STEAM Solution. The power of STEAM learning is in the student-centered prototyping. This standards-aligned approach allows for students to hone 21st century and computational thinking skills while learning content at a deeper level.

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