Funding EdTech Purchases

ESSER Funding Availability

It is worth noting that remaining ESSER funding may be used for edtech purchases. For those districts that have not obligated all funds, purchasing a STEAM and coding solution with multi-year subscriptions and professional development would be the most immediate answer to funding woes.

Fueling the Future: Using Grants to Invest in STEAM Learning Resources

Investing in STEAM education is an investment in the future, and it is essential that schools prioritize this investment in order to ensure the success of their students.

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STEAM & Sip On-Demand Webinar:
Grant Writing for EdTech Purchases

Hear from STEAM expert Nancy Penchev on how she has funded thousands of dollars in purchases through grants. Also gain access to The Ultimate Guide to EdTech Grants and a grant writing checklist.
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How to Get Your Principal’s Support for Your Big Tech Purchase

If you get a quote that is miles beyond your own (or your department’s) budget, don’t settle for good enough or a cheaper version you can afford. Get exactly what you and your students need and deserve.
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Use this editable template to request funds from your principal, department chair, parent organization, and more.
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