Gifted and Talented Programs

Gifted and Talented Programs

Utilizing computational thinking, and engineering design to create student projects is the key to engagement and deeper levels of learning in gifted and talented programs. SAM Labs Solutions offer a variety of sensors and 2 coding platforms to bring student prototypes to life with movement, sounds, lights, and more.

The SAM Labs STEAM and Maker Solution Bundle gives gifted and talented program educators and students endless possibilities without endless work. Built-in debugging and extension chili challenges in the STEAM Solution, plus the additional SAM Block sensors in the Maker Solution reach all learning levels.

STEAM Solution Grades K-5                       Maker Solution Grades 2-8

SAM Labs STEAM Solution for Gifted and Talented Program

Using the STEAM Solution’s standards-based lessons, you will bring real-world science concepts to life through engaging, hands-on learning. All lesson content is provided from introduction to extension and utilizes easy-to-use, flow-based coding to bring student prototypes to life.

Student learning STEAM

STEAM Solution Benefits

How teachers benefit:

  • Everything needed to teach, ready to implement on day 1
  • No experience needed for teacher or students
  • Increased student engagement = increased learning opportunities
  • Brings science concepts to life in new ways
  • Built in debugging challenges to promote perseverance
  • Assessments provided in an easy-to-grade format

How students benefit:

  • Hands-on learning keeps engagement high
  • Learning standards in a different way to solidify mastery
  • Introduction to computer science content
  • Honing 21st century skills
  • Assessment is clearly outlined for increased likelihood of success
“I love how easy the curriculum lessons are to use. My students love the chili pepper challenges at the end.”

Elizabeth Woodard, Gifted Teacher Grades 3-5, Madison Elementary School, AL

SAM Labs Maker Solution for Gifted and Talented Program

SAM Labs Maker Solution provides flexibility with an array of different sensors that work with makerspace materials to bring learning to life through movement, sound, lights, and more. Students will explore coding concepts using provided, open-ended activities that focus on the design thinking process.

Through engaging, activity-based learning, our Maker Solution adds just the right amount of coding to maker projects to engage students and keep your makerspace innovative.

Maker Solution Benefits

How teachers benefit:

  • Innovative solution in their makerspace or classroom
  • Open-ended activities are created for you that focus on design thinking
  • Activities designed for easy differentiation
  • Student-led activities to promote creativity and autonomy
  • Rubrics included to assess students’ work 

How students benefit:

  • Hands-on coding of their own creations to keep them engaged
  • Intuitive coding platforms
  • Open-ended activities that allow for creativity and autonomy
  • Student-centered learning
  • Honing 21st century skills
Students collaborating on STEAM project

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