Launch Announcement: Successful Teacher Accelerator Program

Launch Announcement: Successful Teacher Accelerator Program

What is the STAR Program?

SAM Labs’ Successful Teacher AcceleratoR (STAR) Program is a free, personalized instructional coaching program aimed at creating superstar STEAM and coding teachers by utilizing SAM Labs tools and resources.

The program includes group workshops with like-minded educators, one-on-one training with our Senior Education Consultants, training on how to implement SAM Labs, and resources to teach STEAM and coding in the classroom across various skill levels. The STAR Program is designed to expand our community of support and knowledge, while continuing our practice of investing greatly in our customers and their success. Through efforts like this, we aim to use our solutions to power outstanding STEM, STEAM and learn to code education. Future ‘STARs’ will join our growing community, have customized solutions based on their specific use-cases and learn from the foremost SAM Labs experts in the world. 

Why are we doing it?

SAM Labs is unified by our values, such as ‘fight to delight’ on behalf of customers. We have always taken a deep interest in our customers, sharing and implementing educators’ insights across our team. From how we design our curriculum and software to providing the right resources for educators, SAM Labs wants to be the standard bearer for educator centricity. 

The STAR Program is the next step on our journey working with educators to reduce their workload, increase their confidence and strengthen learner engagement. Through this initiative, we’ll enrich our understanding of STEM, STEAM & coding initiatives in classrooms across the United States. The in-depth knowledge and implementation of the STAR Program will lead to a new level of granular insight into the impact of these initiatives. After all, we are a company whose success means and relies on the success of both educators and learners – which is why we do what we do. As a result of this initiative and others to follow; SAM Labs will further entrench educators at the center of our mission: To equip educators with the tools, know-how, and mindset to reach learners’ potential for computational thinking. Put into words by our founder and CEO, Joachim Horn; “We hope to learn from educators about best practices that we can then share with the rest of our educator community, increasing the number of students who acquire 21st-century skills through Coding and STEAM.” 

Who can participate?

We’re so glad you asked! Our commitment to creating tangible educational impact starts by working with teachers. In the first cohort, we are seeking a variety of educators across the country. This program is for any Elementary School US educator looking to supercharge their STEAM and Coding instruction using SAM Labs. Whether you’re a beginner user just starting, intermediate user, or an advanced SAM Labs user, we have just the track for you!

Beginner Track: For teachers new to SAM Labs and have minimal STEAM backgrounds; educators in this track will participate in PD 1.1 and Best Practices Workshops for learning the introductory skills needed for successful implementation. 

Topics the Beginner Track workshops may include: 

        • Classroom Management
        • Time Management and Modular Structure
        • Computational Thinking in the Classroom
        • Introduction of SAM Labs to students


Intermediate Track: For current SAM Labs users or teachers with STEM experience; this track includes Integration Workshops with instructional best practices to utilize in the classroom. 

Topics the Intermediate Track workshops may include: 

        • Core Subject Integration: Common Core ELA and Math
        • Science Integration: Science (Taking it a Step Further)
        • Embracing the SAM Labs Structure
        • Transdisciplinary Skills with SAM Labs


Advanced Track: For SAM Labs super-users; educators in the Advanced Track will participate in workshops based on practice led by a fellow super-user.

Our goal for the Advanced track is to learn and have super-user-led workshops that share their approach to key practices when implementing SAM Labs and their recommendations for current and future SAM Labs users. Teachers in the advanced track will work with our Education Consultants to put their ideas into practice and into our solutions. 


If you’ve made it this far, I bet you’d like to know how it works…

This free 9-week program was designed by our team of Senior Education Consultants based on proven workshop models from ISTE. Each track, the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, is divided into four, week-long, components designed to cater to each respective group of educators’ needs. These paths are repeated twice to cover two workshop topics and two lesson plans in-depth. 

Workshop: First, teachers will participate in a small group workshop to collaborate and brainstorm ideas  together.

Lesson Deep Dive:  The following week, teachers put the skills taught in the workshop to practice in a lesson. 

Reflection: Following the Deep Dive, teachers will meet individually with their Education Consultant to reflect on the lesson taught. During this time, teachers can request additional 1-on-1 coaching or adapted resources.

Put it into Practice: Teachers spend the following week refining the Workshop skill, using the reflection and next steps to guide them. During this time, the Education Consultants will adapt materials or provide additional 1-on-1 coaching sessions. 


Extra Benefits for Joining

  • Access to Level 1 and Level 2 Professional Development: Increase your proficiency and get certified! 
  • 1-1 Coaching with Senior Education Consultants: Refine your skill sets for successful SAM Labs implementation!
  • “Pick your Perk“ Raffle: Amazon wish list, NGSS aligned read-aloud books or more SAM Labs products! 
  • Become an official SAM Labs Super User: Work alongside the SAM team to inform future products and offerings. 
  • Personalized workshop based on YOUR needs: Complimentary dinner included!

Sound like a good fit for you or someone you know?

Head over to our application page to get started!