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New Features in the SAM Studio Coding Platform

New Features in the SAM Studio Coding Platform

SAM Studio is SAM Labs K-8 coding platform where educators easily create, save, share and differentiate lessons. It allows for ease in facilitating student exploration, teaching foundational concepts, applying real-world challenges, and assessing student learning.

Classroom management and differentiation is a breeze in SAM Studio. Educators can create as many class sections and subgroups as needed for their students, including intervention and acceleration groups.

We are excited to announce these new features in SAM Studio.

Content Hub

With our K-8 NGSS and CSTA aligned curriculum, teachers have an entire Content Hub at their fingertips, including lessons on how to get started with their students.

Lessons are easy to filter to access exactly what is needed. Lessons are filtered by grade, subject, standards, location in the instructional cycle, time estimate, and more.

Lesson Builder

Lesson Builder allows you to design your own interactive lesson directly within our coding platform, SAM Studio. 

What’s Included in the Lesson Builder:

  • -Buildable widgets to curate the SAM Labs lesson of your dreams or adapt one of ours
  • -Class assignment for each lesson or activity built
  • -An interactive learning experience for students directly within the coding platform
  • -Grading and feedback capabilities between the teacher and students
  • -Multiple choice and open ended questions to track student progress
  • -Video embedding all right next to SAM Space

SAM Studio iOS App

SAM Studio coding is now available through an iOS app for access on any iOS device.