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Opinions and Advice from the Teachers Using SAM Labs Solutions

Opinions and Advice from the Teachers Using SAM Labs Solutions

We get it – most educators are stretched for time, resources and support. 

So, when you’re tasked with creating new STEAM projects and finding the right resources for your classroom, it can be hard to know where to start. 

The first step? Learn how other teachers who have been in your shoes have achieved STEAM success.

More and more educators across the US (and the world in fact!) are beginning their journey with SAM Labs solutions – picking up our hands-on hardware and ready-made lessons and loving the student response and cross-curricular learning achieved! Many are surprised at how simple our products are, and feel we have their backs with our curriculum-aligned lessons and support packages.

Are you a GenEd teacher or STEM teacher looking for STEAM resources but don’t know where to begin?

Today, we have five examples of teachers from across the US who have been there and done it with SAM Labs! Read on to discover their different experiences and advice to you…

“Just jump right in! It’s not as scary as it seems. The lessons and activities are very simple for students and teachers to follow.” – Christina Connelly, 5th Grade Teacher, Redmond Schools, OR. 

“The lessons are helpful in implementing SAM Labs in the classroom, and as professional development for the teacher to learn more about the blocks. Also, start small and easy – learn how to use a few blocks and build upon that knowledge, adding more blocks or behaviors as you grow comfortable.” – Tara Pollick, K-5 STEM Teacher, Mount Nittany Elementary School, State College, PA.

“Making the jump is scary at first – overwhelming, even. Give it a couple chances, knowing you will first make mistakes before you improve your craft.” – David Gardner, STEM Teacher, Spring Creek Elementary, State College, PA.

“Take your time, allow students to fail and learn to debug their systems. Make it fun. Let them explore, they love playing with the sounds. Search for additional creative projects, like the coffee maker on YouTube. The sky’s the limit.” – Edward Lyons, STEM Teacher/Curriculum writing, Harmony School of Innovation, TX.

“Start out small. Hand out a button and a buzzer or a slider and a DC motor. See what connections the kids can make with them! Once your students get the idea of what to do, they will find many ways to use the blocks that you never thought about! If the blocks are too intimidating at first, go with a step-by-step lesson that has Google Slides. It makes it so much easier to implement and the lessons are very engaging.” – Kristen Albright, K-5 STEM Teacher, Mount Nittany Elementary School, State College, PA.

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