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Our Partners

We partner with schools, districts and education technology companies to bring easy-to-use, affordable solutions that allow every educator to teach STEAM and coding with confidence.

Google Partnership

Connecting the real world to the digital world is now easier than ever. Teachers can download the SAM Space app through the Chromebook App Hub to allow students to explore block coding at their own pace using teacher-written, SAM Labs lesson plans.

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Strawbees Partnership

SAM Labs and Strawbees have announced a brand new collaboration which brings the STEAM learning experience home with the new hands-on,no-tech STEAM at Home learning packs that do not require the use of technology. Using common maker materials with Strawbees building straws, students are able to complete standards-based activities and prototype independently through extended periods of distance learning.

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Vernier Partnership

SAM Labs and Vernier Software and Technology have announced a brand new collaboration which brings STEAM, data collection, and coding to life for middle and primary school students.

Using a combination of Google Workbench and Vernier sensors to connect with SAM Labs blocks, students can gather real-time data to create STEAM projects that connect with the real world of work.

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