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Giving you the tools to make lightbulb moments come to life.

SAM Labs is a K-8 STEAM and coding company that provides solutions designed to bridge STEAM & coding through hands-on learning experiences in conjunction with digital coding to bring a student's own creations to life.

We partner with educators to combine critical computational thinking and computer science skills with effective first-hand learning opportunities in classrooms with coding software platforms, hardware, lesson content, & world-class support.

With SAM Labs, you will get all the resources you’ll need to teach engaging, impactful STEAM & Coding lessons with content integration.

To best support learners in grade K-8, we offer 2 central solutions:

Learn to code kit SAM Labs

STEAM Solution

Our STEAM solution helps K-5 educators prepare their students by introducing STEAM concepts from an early age. Use easy-to-teach coding and prototyping solutions to teach science, mathematics, and critical thinking.

Learn to Code Solution

Our Learn to Code course is designed for Grade 4 to Grade 8 educators who are looking to make abstract programming concepts tangible. Designed for teachers at all levels of coding experience, use our easy-to-teach Block-based Coding platform and Bluetooth-connected hardware to bring projects to life.

Student coding in a STEAM lesson

Select the SAM Labs Solution that best fits your needs and complete this short price calculator to request pricing for your classroom or school.

Helping educators bring STEAM and coding to life!