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SAM Labs Case Studies

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SAM Labs Makerspace Course Helps At-Risk Students Work on STEM Skills

As an educator, how do you reach kids who are not interested in school? You help them build skateboards. At least, that’s how middle school teacher Stan Mercer does it with the SAM Labs Maker Solution.

The Joy of Teaching STEAM through "Tinkering with Technology"

The whole ethos behind Education Technology Specialist Rob’s STEAM and coding lessons is “Tinkering with technology” – encouraging students from preschool through high school to use their curiosity to explore technology and make their own discoveries with some help from SAM Labs.

Top Marks for Gifted and Talented Teacher & Student Satisfaction

Provide a stimulating educational environment? Check. Champion creativity and original thinking in and out of the classroom? Check. Encourage students’ responsibility for their own learning? Check. This is all while accommodating for the diverse mix of learners and their different strengths.

STREAM on Wheels! Driving tailored learning experiences in Gresham-Barlow

In a spread-out school district, getting high-tech equipment onto school campuses is a challenge. A STREAM Labs and The Tomorrow Bus (a new mobile technology lab traveling between the different campuses) solved that issue for GBISD.

Hardware Doesn't Have to be Hard! Portland Public Schools STEAM Case Study

For some educators, physical hardware can seem daunting to start working with, so you’ll be happy to hear that the word ‘simplicity’ is a key theme in SAM Labs customer feedback!

Making STEAM Lessons the Highlight of the Week

One of Sarah’s biggest challenges as a 4th grade teacher is getting students engaged with the curriculum, and making sure they understand why what they’re learning is important. STEAM lessons are now the highlight of her students’ week.

When Coding Meets Art! Lake Oswego School District Case Study

We love to hear stories of when teachers start using our STEAM technology and lesson plans, run with them and really make them their own! Today, the spotlight’s on three K-5 teachers in the Lake Oswego School District (Oregon) who are taking elementary school class projects to a whole new level of creativity, ticking all the boxes for science, tech, engineering, art and math learning!

Opinions and Advice from Teachers Using SAM Labs

We get it - most educators are stretched for time, resources and support. So, when you’re tasked with creating new STEAM projects and finding the right resources for your classroom, it can be hard to know where to start. The first step? Learn how other teachers who have been in your shoes have achieved STEAM success.

Designing Real-World Creations and Inspiring STEAM Superstars!

What really comes to mind about Kristen and her K-5 students’ work with us is VARIETY! Since picking up our hardware blocks, she’s really made the most of what they can in do her elementary school!

Endless Project Possibilities with Just a Few Blocks!

Mount Nittany Elementary School’s universal STEM program gives each class 50 minutes of STEM learning every five days, which centers around engineering and design, STEM careers and empathy units.

Why Teachers Choose SAM Labs for STEAM and Coding

From STEAM and Learn to Code courses, to the Maker and Creator Specialty packages, our solutions cater to a whole mix of ages, abilities and curriculum goals. Teachers also choose SAM Labs for varying reasons too, and derive joy from these projects in different ways!