SAM Labs Integrations

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At SAM Labs, we believe that inspiring education should be accessible, engaging, and most importantly, effortless. We understand that educators constantly juggle numerous responsibilities while aiming to provide the best learning experiences for their students. That’s why we’re proud to present SAM Labs Solutions – designed to save you time and make teaching not just manageable, but enjoyable.

Everything you need for seamless implementation.

Turn-Key Lesson Materials

We offer a comprehensive suite of ready-to-use lesson materials, designed to take the load off your shoulders. Our resources come complete with learning objectives, detailed instructions, and assessment tools, freeing you from the time-consuming task of lesson planning. Enjoy more time to focus on what you do best - teaching and inspiring young minds.

Standards Alignment Maps

Our curriculum-aligned materials ensure that every lesson hits the mark. We have meticulously mapped our resources to both national and state-level standards, taking the guesswork out of aligning your lessons. With SAM Labs, you're not just saving time but also staying a step ahead in curriculum planning.

Unified Login through Google, Microsoft, and Clever

Forget the hassle of remembering multiple usernames and passwords. With our unified login feature, access SAM Labs through your Google, Microsoft, or Clever accounts. It’s quick, secure, and efficient, saving you valuable time each day.

Google Drive Integration

SAM Labs integrates seamlessly with Google Drive. Manage your classes, assign tasks, track student progress, and give real-time feedback, all within your familiar Google environment. It's streamlined, efficient, and reduces time spent navigating multiple platforms.

Nearpod Integration

We've joined forces with Nearpod to offer interactive lessons that keep students engaged. Through this integration, you can synchronize your students’ screens with your teaching material, initiate interactive activities and monitor learning progress on-the-go. It's the modern way to simplify classroom management and create an immersive learning experience.

Spanish Content

To create a more inclusive learning environment, we've included Spanish content within our educational resources. With bilingual support, you can reach more students, effortlessly bridging language gaps and fostering a multilingual classroom.

Experience the future of education with SAM Labs Solutions.

At SAM Labs, our mission is to make teaching smoother and learning more captivating. We want to empower educators with the tools that save time, enhance productivity, and facilitate joyful learning. Let us share your journey to shape tomorrow’s innovators. Let SAM Labs make education simpler for you.