SAM Labs Testimonials and Reviews

SAM Labs brings STEAM and coding to life for students from kindergarten, through elementary school and into middle school! We provide all the educational resources you’ll need to teach engaging, impactful STEAM & coding lessons with content integration. See some of our stellar teacher testimonials and product reviews from leading education experts.

Teacher Testimonials for SAM Labs

“I love the versatility of the product! I can incorporate one or a few blocks into so many areas of my STEM curriculum.”
Kristen Albright
Kristen Albright
“The possibilities are endless! Students are able to do so many things with a few blocks.”
Tara Pollick
“So much potential with SAM Labs across all grade levels, great customer service, great lesson ideas, wonderful community!”
Nickie Doran
Nickie Doran
“See a problem, imagine solutions, then create and test it. When it may fail – because sometimes it does – then go back through the steps and troubleshoot and improve it. Students love the freedom to be creative, and SAM Labs provides just that opportunity.”
Eddie Lyons, Harmony School of Innovation, Euless TX
Eddie Lyons
“I think your product is awesome. It’s engaging and intuitive, I really wish that products like SAM Labs become the future of play for kids and teenagers. It connects what they learn in school to hands-on activities. If more kids got to play with it, STEM will be much more popular worldwide.”
Libo Valencia headshot
Libo Valencia
“I have seen a lot of curriculum over the years. A lot. And SAM Labs does THE best job of packaging curriculum, of making it teacher friendly…it’s just so easy to use, and so well done. You’ll see sometimes, [other curriculum] is easy to use but it’s not high quality. SAM Labs is high quality AND easy to use. I absolutely love that.”
Amy Sabarre
“SAM Labs is an intuitive, user-friendly interface that welcomes teachers of all technology backgrounds.”
Julia Dweck
“SAM Labs’ versatility and ease of use make lessons feel new, exciting and engaging.”
Rory McGrath
“I love the spirit of collaboration that SAM Labs fosters with my students.”
David Gardner
“I like using SAM Labs because my students enjoy the experiences. They are learning content through application. Experiment with the blocks yourself. Have fun. Take the Professional Development courses and allow your students to explore the blocks before starting a project. Their creativity goes wild once they have some freedom to explore.”
Cody Derr
“Great product, but what sets SAM Labs apart is the curriculum and support they offer. Great, challenging curriculum, based on grade levels. So easy to use no matter what the teacher’s coding skills.”
Emily Boshers

SAM Labs Product Reviews

The Ed Tech Round Up

"Overall, SAM Labs is an absolutely wonderful resource for integrating STEAM and coding skills into K-8 classrooms. While their kits certainly aren’t cheap, they are durable and high quality. Plus, their ability to integrate with other physical resources like Vernier probes, Sphero robots, etc. through Google’s Workbench is exciting to see."


"This product is kid friendly and would work well with middle schoolers. and it;s great getting to kids early and making lessons more hands on versus all lectures and no actual practice."

Common Sense Education

"Wireless technology paired with block coding to make creative, device-controlled designs are a near-certain win for strong student engagement. Immersing students naturally in STEAM concepts encourages the development of creativity and social and emotional skills as they build technical knowledge."