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SAM Labs Expands Access to STEM Content With Spanish Curriculum

SAM Labs Expands Access to STEM Content With Spanish Curriculum

SAM Labs is excited to announce the launch of our Spanish content. This is a major step toward our goal of providing 100 million kids with computational thinking and skills for the future. This initiative supports our vision of preparing children for the real world, where educators teach 21st-century knowledge and schools embrace advanced practices in Science and Computer Science from kindergarten through 8th grade.

Overcoming Language Barriers

Our Spanish curriculum is designed to be fully inclusive, overcoming the language barriers for better access to quality STEAM education. This is crucial in today’s job market and the future, where both STEAM and language skills are increasingly vital. Our curriculum combines lessons aligned with standards and incorporates engaging, hands-on activities that encourage problem-solving through design, engineering, and building.

SAM Labs Spanish language curriculum

Supporting Spanish STEAM Education Throughout U.S. Schools

Recognizing the presence of nearly 3,000 Dual Immersion Spanish programs in US Public Schools, our Spanish curriculum release aims to support these programs effectively. By making high-quality educational resources more accessible and culturally responsive, we are simplifying the implementation process and enhancing the learning experience in dual immersion schools. 

In the United States, where there are 41 million native Spanish speakers, incorporating Spanish into STEAM education becomes a significant opportunity. It goes beyond language accessibility; it’s a proactive move to create fair learning environments and foster global competence in our young learners. By embracing the diverse voices and perspectives found within the Spanish-speaking world, we enrich STEAM education for everyone. 

SAM Labs Spanish language curriculum

SAM Labs Spanish-Language STEAM Curriculum

Our Spanish-language STEAM curriculum fills a critical gap in educational resources, promoting bilingualism and preparing students for a globalized world. This move towards educational equity provides young learners with the essential tools and knowledge to succeed in a technology-driven society. 

Beyond simply teaching science or technology to students, this initiative builds bridges and opens doors to endless possibilities for future generations.

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