Integrate computing and literacy with CompuTales

Take your students on a one-of-a-kind journey into computational thinking and literacy. Designed for grades K-2, CompuTales seamlessly integrates into your existing reading instruction while introducing the foundational skills that will set the stage for future exploration into coding and computer science.

Join Martin and his friends as they embark on a journey through Computer Land, where each chapter is filled with standards-aligned activities that enhance literacy skills and develop computational thinking skills. 

Take your students through a journey that blends computer science and literacy!

Reinforce early literacy

Each chapter integrates seamlessly into early reading instruction.

Introduce computational thinking

Each chapter also introduces students to critical computational thinking skills.

Fits into busy teacher schedules

Requires less than an hour per week of class time to yield results.

Teacher designed features

Student progress tracker and picture login makes online management easy.

CSTA standard alignment

Every activity aligns to CSTA K-2 computer science standards.

No CS knowledge needed

Easy to implement without any previous experience teaching computer science.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to know coding and computer science?

CompuTales can be done by any teacher with very little preparation. Each chapter is designed to be done in about an hour. Students are able to complete the chapters at their own pace.

How does CompuTales keep students engaged?

CompuTales is active not passive screen time. After students complete the interactive, online portion of the lesson, they may reinforce the learning offline in their CompuTales workbook.

Won't this take time away from teaching kids to read?

CompuTales reinforces literacy standards with engaging stories that teach computer science concepts. There is animated narration for early readers. Age-appropriate literacy activities are embedded in each chapter.

Is CompuTales a coding program?

Computer Science is much more than coding. CompuTales is a unique product that teaches all the CSTA K-2 computer science standards, including coding, while at the same time reinforcing literacy.

With CompuTales, every K-2 teacher can feel confident teaching computer science without sacrificing time for literacy instruction!