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Enhance Maker Activities & Student Exploration With Our K-8 Makerspace Kits & Supplies

Energize your maker activities in grades K-8 with our open-ended challenges. Our Maker Solution includes a makerspace kit and additional supplies that will empower students to explore STEAM concepts through expert-designed, open-ended activities, emphasizing the design thinking process. 

These activities leverage readily available resources and advanced components such as physical computing and apps.

Discover the ease of our user-friendly, flow-based coding system and block-based coding environment, enhanced by Bluetooth-enabled hardware. Breathe fresh life into your students’ creations while nurturing crucial 21st-century skills.

Perks of Our Makerspace Kits & Supplies for Hands-On Learning

Boosted Engagement

By offering interactive and immersive experiences that actively engage students in the learning process, we stimulate their curiosity and provide them with educational concepts that are more concrete and relatable.

Development of 21st Century Skills

Engaging, student-focused activities cultivate leadership, communication, teamwork, and creativity, enriching learning across various domains.

Foster Creativity and Independence

Engaging in open-ended challenges encourages critical thinking and creativity, fostering collaborative learning through inquiry and design processes.

Coding Fundamentals

Gain practical coding experience that enhances your grasp of computational thinking. Access our intuitive, flow-based programming interface and block-based coding to support learning at all skill levels.

Real-World Problem Solving

Engaging in problem-solving tied to real-world scenarios enriches the learning experience for elementary students, laying a solid foundation for future challenges in critical thinking and problem-solving.

Preparing for the Future

As students build connections between their experiences and future career prospects, they also acquire essential technological literacy and interdisciplinary understanding. These competencies are vital in our ever-evolving digital and interconnected world.

Makerspace Supplies for Successful Implementation

The Maker Solution comes with everything you need to effectively integrate maker-centered learning into the classroom, including:

  • Open-ended challenges that are designed for easy differentiation
  • State-of-the-art Bluetooth®-enabled hardware
  • User-friendly, flow-based coding interface AND block-based coding access

Our exceptional team of former K-8 educators with a wealth of experience is alongside you every step of the way. They’re not just here to offer support; they serve as your dedicated partners in success, ensuring that your educational journey is a positive one!

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Maker Success Story

My favorite thing about using SAM Labs is the way it helps students use coding and hands-on materials to create a sensory experience that tells a story to show their science learning.” -Kiki Hueneke

With the SAM Labs Maker Solution, you will remove common barriers to maker learning, like repetitive activities and lack of real-world connection, at an affordable price. See for yourself and request pricing.