STEAM in 2nd Grade

Teaching STEAM in 2nd Grade

Why teach STEAM and coding in 2nd grade?

Getting the most out of your elementary science lessons is easy when you add STEAM. Hands-on STEAM learning for 2nd graders allows them to showcase problem solving and critical thinking skills and collaborate in meaningful ways. 

With SAM Labs STEAM Solution, teachers are provided with all the standards-based content needed for elementary classroom success. The best part of all? Your 2nd graders will be developing their computational thinking skills while they learn to visually code!

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Dig into this amazing, standards-based, 2nd grade STEAM lesson!​

Changing Landscape

During this STEAM lesson for Grade 2, students will learn about the climate in different regions on Earth, how this is affecting water levels and water movement, and the consequences on the landscape around us. 2nd grade students will integrate and exhibit learning by building a model to simulate the effect of water on a landscape.

Everything You Need to Teach STEAM & Coding in 2nd Grade

SAM Labs STEAM Solution

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Teaching STEAM and coding to 2nd graders has never been this easy!​