STEAM in 3rd Grade

Teaching STEAM in 3rd Grade

Why teach STEAM and coding in 3rd grade?

Having trouble fitting hands-on STEAM learning into your school day with 3rd graders? The solution is incorporating STEAM into core subjects in a meaningful way for your elementary students.

SAM Labs’ STEAM Solution has everything needed for success in integrating STEAM and coding into your 3rd grade science lessons, no experience is required! Our STEAM solution will guide you through the foundations of coding while exploring science topics using innovative, standards-based lessons that are fun and interactive!

Student excited for STEAM course kit

Dig into this amazing, standards-based, 3rd grade STEAM lesson!​


During this STEAM lesson for Grade 3, students will gain an understanding of the concept of friction and the difference between helpful and unhelpful friction. Elementary students will integrate and exhibit learning by creating a ‘car’ and testing it on different surfaces to investigate how friction affects movement.

Everything You Need to Teach STEAM & Coding in 3rd Grade

SAM Labs STEAM Solution

SAM Labs STEAM Solution integrates science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics seamlessly into everyday learning for teaching STEAM in 3rd grade.
Using standards-based lessons, the SAM Labs STEAM Solution guides elementary teachers and students through the design process utilizing computational thinking skills. All STEAM lesson content is provided from introduction to extension and utilizes easy-to-use, flow-based coding to bring student prototypes to life.
How 3rd grade students benefit from learning through STEAM and coding:
  • Increased engagement through hands-on learning
  • Experience science concepts in innovative ways
  • Hone 21st century skills like communication, creativity, and collaboration
  • Develop key computational and critical thinking skills
  • Provides an introduction to key computer science skills
Student learning STEAM

Teaching STEAM and coding to 3rd graders has never been this easy!​