STEAM in 4th Grade

Teaching STEAM in 4th Grade

Why teach STEAM and coding in 4th grade?

Learning 21st century and computational thinking skills is critical to success in 4th grade and beyond, but where does it fit into the core curriculum? Teaching these skills seamlessly through science curriculum and STEAM and coding lessons will set elementary students up for success.

SAM Labs STEAM Solution aligns science standards with STEAM and coding and is easily implemented in 4th grade classrooms. Our system of flow-based, visual programming allows elementary students to gain a foundation in both engineering as well computer science while developing key skills such as logical thinking, problem solving abilities, and creativity.

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Dig into this amazing, standards-based, 4th grade STEAM lesson!​

Mars Rover

During this STEAM lesson for Grade 4, elementary students will gain an understanding of how vehicles are modified to suit their purpose, exploring the design of the Mars rover as a case study. 4th grade students will integrate and exhibit learning by creating a model ‘Mars rover’, identifying two possible solutions for its steering mechanism. They will compare and contrast the capabilities of each design in order to determine which one allows the ‘rover’ to better fulfill its main objective.

Everything You Need to Teach STEAM & Coding in 4th Grade

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Teaching 4th graders STEAM and coding has never been this easy!​