STEAM in 5th Grade

Teaching STEAM in 5th Grade

Why teach STEAM and coding in 5th grade?

While 5th grade is a time of change and growth, finding time to focus on critical 21st century skills is difficult in a busy school day. Look no further than SAM Labs and your science standards.

SAM Labs’ STEAM solution makes it easy to teach STEAM in 5th grade while still engaging students in science content through coding. No experience necessary for elementary teachers or students and all teaching materials are included with the SAM Labs STEAM solution.

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Dig into this amazing, standards-based, 5th grade STEAM lesson!​

Monkey Ecosystem

During this STEAM lesson for Grade 5, students will gain understanding of different ecosystems, and the plants and animals that live there. Elementary students will recognize the importance of sunlight to an ecosystem, and integrate and exhibit learning by creating a model ecosystem to simulate how energy is transferred, starting with the Sun.


Everything You Need to Teach STEAM & Coding in 5th Grade

SAM Labs STEAM Solution

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Teaching 5th graders STEAM and coding has never been this easy!​