STEAM in Kindergarten

Teaching STEAM in Kindergarten

Why teach STEAM and coding in kindergarten?

While kindergarten students may have a high exposure to technology, explicitly teaching appropriate use and coding skills is important. Standards-based science content can be taught through STEAM lessons while introducing kindergarten students to the foundations of coding.

With SAM Labs STEAM Solution, no coding experience is needed for kindergarten teachers or students. The best part, with SAM Labs flow-based coding, reading is NOT a required skill for success, making it the perfect tool for kindergarten classrooms at any time of the school year. Your kindergarten students will learn to visually code as they develop computational and critical thinking skills.

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Dig into this amazing, standards-based, kindergarten STEAM lesson!​

The Weather Forecast

In this STEAM lesson for Kindergarten, Blocky keeps dressing for the wrong weather. Students use and share observations of local weather conditions to describe patterns over time. The kindergarteners code a light to change color depending on the weather, create a weather report and explore different ways in which to describe the weather.

Everything You Need to Teach STEAM & Coding in Kindergarten

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Teaching STEAM and coding in kindergarten has never been this easy!​