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STEAM Must-Have Checklist and Resources

STEAM Must-Have Checklist and Resources

Preparing a list of must-have STEAM lesson materials before school starts allows you to have a wish list ready for parents, parent organizations, and campus budgets. 

Having a hands-on STEAM Solution that is versatile and includes content is vital. This will allow for standards-aligned content to integrate seamlessly into your curriculum. While the lack of budget for the perfect STEAM Solution may feel disheartening, don’t settle on good enough just because you can pay for it out of pocket. Instead, get exactly what you and your students require

In addition to an all-encompassing STEAM Solution, here are a few consumable items you will find useful when prepping for STEAM lessons throughout the year. Want to have these out for your giving tree at meet the teacher events? Download our editable, printable sticky note file for easy prep.

STEAM Consumable Checklist