STEAM Solution as a Foundation for CTE

Shaping Future Innovators: SAM Labs' Role in Fostering CTE Skills from Elementary School

Cultivating Key Skills

Using SAM Labs STEAM Solution in elementary school can be pivotal in establishing a robust foundation for a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program in middle and high school. The STEAM Solution offers a hands-on, exploratory approach to learning, introducing students to various technical skills such as coding, engineering, and problem-solving. These skills are not only critical for robotics but are also transferable to a wide range of CTE fields. 

Additionally, the collaborative nature of the activities nurtures communication and teamwork skills, which are essential for many CTE pathways. By sparking early interest and building these fundamental skills, SAM Labs STEAM Solution sets students on a promising path towards successful CTE engagement in their futures.

Equipping elementary school students with foundational skills that are critical for Career and Technical Education

Technical Proficiency

By providing hands-on experience with building and programming, SAM Labs lays a solid foundation for the technical skills needed in various CTE pathways, such as engineering, computer science, and electronics.

Problem-Solving Skills

The project-based learning approach of SAM Labs fosters students' problem-solving abilities, which are vital in virtually all CTE fields, whether it's troubleshooting a piece of machinery or resolving a programming error.

Critical Thinking

The challenges presented in the STEAM projects encourage students to think critically about solutions, helping them develop this valuable skill required in most CTE disciplines.

Communication Skills

Collaborative work in SAM Labs promotes effective communication skills. These skills are crucial in any CTE pathway, where clear and concise communication is essential to work successfully in teams and with clients.

Creativity & Innovation

By encouraging students to design and implement their own projects, SAM Labs develops students' ability to think creatively and innovatively - skills that can lead to breakthroughs in their chosen CTE fields.

Career Awareness

Exposure to various aspects of STEAM can help students gain awareness of different career paths available in these fields. This early exposure can inform their choices as they consider various CTE pathways in high school.

Supporting Local Industry

This school was built to be a STEM/STEAM school because there’s been such a push in Washington State. We cover apples to airplanes, we do so many different industries here. Every single one of them needs STEM in this state.

-Erin Lark, Health and Science Coordinator

Vancouver iTech Prep Academy

CTE Pipeline: What is it, Why It’s Important & How to Build One

A career and technical education (CTE) pipeline is an educational framework that teaches age-appropriate skills to encourage and prepare students to find something that aligns with their skills and passions. This pipeline helps get students interested and moves them toward what could be their profession by using work-based learning.

SAM Labs STEAM Solution helps elementary school students cultivate key skills that will be indispensable in their middle and high school CTE studies.