STEAM Solution

Hardware and Software

1. Excites learners with Bluetooth-enabled blocks that connect to easy-to-use software (incl. Chrome, iOS, Win10 and Android)

2. Teaches essential computational-thinking and problem-solving skills

3. Allows learners to code, create and experiment

Lesson Packs

1. Hardware kit comes with ready-made lesson plans, slides and handouts

2. Written for teachers, by teachers

3. Curriculum aligned lesson plans and projects bring tinkering, interactive exploring, and coding to life

Training and Professional Development

1. In-house team of experts work with educators from beginning-to-end

2. Ensure teachers feel confident to teach STEAM at any level with customized training

How me make it happen

Steam writtenby a

Written by teachers

Structured lesson materials written by teachers with supplementary resources for Lower Elementary

Steam project Driven a

Project driven

Engaging project-driven narrative with cross-curricular approach to science and everyday life

Steam visual Coding a

Visual Coding

SAM Space App provides a simple, visual way of coding for every teacher and student

Steam hardware Blocks a

Hardware blocks

Hands-on physical computing and easy wireless setup allows for simple integration into classroom

Steam solution kit

Features and Benefits

- Durable classroom-proof stackable storage box.

- Compatible with LEGO and other classroom materials

- STEAM Kits include DC motors, Light sensors, RGB LEDs, wheels and more

- NGSS, Common Core and TEKS aligned

- Two year warranty offered on each kit

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