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STEAM Summer Camp Success in New Haven

STEAM Summer Camp Success in New Haven

New Haven Public Schools Successful Summer Camp for Grades 2 and 3

Over 320 students participated with 16 teachers in this STEAM summer camp success. Students coded their own camp-themed creations throughout the summer in New Haven, CT while integrating multiple core subjects.

Second and third grade students completed STEAM activities where students engineer designs using SAM Labs Summer Camp Lesson Content and SAM Labs STEAM Solutions. They created:

  • A campfire that crackles and lights up using a sensor
  • A tent designed and tested to withstand the elements and code the storm
  • A campfire story including all the story elements and then retell the story enhanced with coded sound effects along with a coded simulation of fireflies
  • A multisensory compass and a three dimensional map to code directions for their partner to follow
  • A car tested on a an off road obstacle course created by the students

When asked about the SAM Labs Summer Camp program, one teacher replied, “The kids loved it. I loved it”!

Read more about this success story in this New Haven Independent article with even more highlights and quotes from teachers and students.

All Subjects and Learners Included

The summer camp program brought together mathematics, literacy, science, and provided new skills learning to code. Since coding is done in small groups, teams were created to guide and help each other along the way.

English language learners thrived coding in this setting as well. SAM Space software used for coding allows participants to change language settings. Instructors consistently transitioned into ELL students’ native languages like Spanish to help students along throughout each activity. 

Successful Staff Support

Staff was supported through onboarding with SAM Labs Educational Consultants. This SAM Labs team of former educators provided professional development to the staff to make sure they were not only confident in the lesson content, but the coding as well. 

One teacher commented about teaching this SAM Labs Summer Camp, “This is truly an amazing experience. I would LOVE to see this program in all of our schools…I wish we had a science coach in each school who could facilitate and team teach these lessons.” 

More Learning with SAM Labs

What’s next after this STEAM summer camp success? Now the teachers of New Haven Public Schools will get to share in the learning and fun by receiving STEAM Solutions on different campuses to utilize throughout the school year with SAM Labs lesson content.