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Upgrading Your After School Program with STEAM, Coding & 21st Century Skills

Upgrading Your After School Program with STEAM, Coding & 21st Century Skills

As you work to serve the next generation with your after school program, it is key to provide enrichment opportunities that are proven to encourage growth, motivation, skill, and development. STEAM programs encourage children to learn and grow in a number of essential areas, delivering opportunities that would otherwise elude them. 

The best after school programs provide multiple positive benefits for children, including better school attendance, higher educational outcomes, and social skills. These programs can even be an additional tool to close education gaps between higher and lower-income students, and have proven an effective resource for helping older students attend college. 

Offering a focused and intentional after school program designed to ensure the highest results for students is essential. While there are many activities that you can include in your after school program, you can ensure growth, creativity, and extended learning by making STEAM programs and SAM Labs a key component. 


Jump-Start Students’ Success with STEAM 

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) programs have been shown to have an extremely positive impact on the life and education of youth. These programs are known to regularly spark participants’ interests in related skills and activities, as well as to help them develop essential proficiencies that are valuable in today’s society. 

Take a look at some of the benefits of an after school STEAM program:

  • Increase Student Motivation

STEAM programs are engaging and encourage students to focus and participate. Students who are working on STEAM projects have been shown to have an increase in motivation. They become deeply involved in their work and are excited to make progress and accomplish the goal of their projects. When students become involved in a STEAM activity, they experience greater motivation to dive into learning and work. Common feelings of frustration and lack of motivation that are often shown in a regular school setting are minimized or even eliminated when it comes to their after school STEAM activities. 

  • Gain Proficiency in Essential Skill Sets

STEAM skills are some of the most important skills in the workforce today. They include hands-on capabilities as well as 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, and more. Without STEAM programs, many children don’t have the opportunity to learn and build these skills. By participating in STEAM activities, children gain these important skills that transfer to other areas of school and life.

  • Future Career Development

An introduction to STEAM activities gives students an introduction to potential future careers. Many students are unaware of the careers available in certain fields until they engage in STEAM programs. By spending time learning and developing STEAM skills, they gain awareness of what interests them and how those skills may be used. Often this leads to the decision to attend college or pursue certain careers in their future. 

Make STEAM Simple with SAM Labs 

SAM Labs After School Solution includes everything that you need to implement a successful STEAM-focused after school program, including hands-on tools, software subscriptions, and customer support. 

When you upgrade your after school program to include SAM Labs, you are giving your students the benefit of a comprehensive STEAM program without the hassle. All of the planning, prep, resources, and assistance you need are done for you and in one place. 

SAM Labs offers the simplicity and ease that makes it possible to focus on creating an inclusive, skill-growing STEAM program that serves your students and provides them with incredible opportunities. 

By upgrading your after school program to include SAM Labs, you can ensure ease and success for your teachers and students, and get everything you need to offer comprehensive STEAM enrichment and elevate your program to the next level. 

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