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What You Need for Your STEAM Classroom

What You Need for Your STEAM Classroom

With the constant bombardment of stimuli children absorb every second of the day, it is not surprising that hands-on, minds-on lessons are needed to keep students engaged. STEAM lessons have changed the game, giving kids a chance to get involved and learn with hands-on experience.

Learning by doing has a lasting impact, garners a sense of comradery, and allows students to be involved, taking them beyond simple observation and thrusting them into activities that will make a lasting impact. 

But this approach only works if you have the supplies, materials, and training to give them this new knowledge.

If you or your district is launching a STEAM program, stocking your STEAM lab or STEAM classroom with essential supplies will ensure that your lessons are a success. 

Let us help you set up your perfect STEAM teaching environment for the best results.

What Is STEAM Education?

STEAM is a classroom concept centered around the five pillars of learning that will impact a student’s future in life and the workforce — science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. 

It integrates these subjects with hands-on projects that not only tell students how the knowledge can influence their life but lets them apply the learning with practical life applications.

Set Up Your STEAM Classroom

Now that we’re on the same page about what STEAM is, let’s walk through how to set up your classroom and stock it with the right supplies for unique STEAM learning experiences. 

Define Goals

Before you begin, define your STEAM or STEM program goals. 

  • Do you plan to focus on all five pillars or just a couple? 
  • What will your students gravitate to for the best outcome? 
  • What will be the most useful new skills they will gain? 

These are important questions because they will determine your efficacy as a teacher, and the budget for your materials.

Get Thrifty to Save Money

When you read the word “budget,” your spirit might have deflated a little. It is not a secret that teachers are often responsible for providing school supplies students need. But do not despair. 

There are cheap ways to acquire the supplies and materials for the perfect STEAM classroom setting:

  • Yard sales
  • Dollar Stores
  • Ask for Donations
  • Apply for Education Grants
  • Visit Recycling Centers

Create an Organized Supply List

Creating a list of supplies into the categories of consumables and non-consumables will help you to know how much you should budget, where you will find your STEAM supplies, and your most efficient strategy for acquiring these supplies. 

Many STEAM/STEM items for classrooms can be found in the same place if you plan effectively.

Some STEM classroom supplies are specific, but there are many that will work with many lessons, including: 

Incorporate Technology into the Classroom

The above list is a great starting point, but additional technology will be necessary as your program progresses. 

Selecting a STEAM resource that includes everything needed for success, including hardware, software, standards-aligned lesson content, and ongoing customer support is the perfect way to bolster learning without a huge time investment.

SAM Labs will show you exactly how STEAM and coding solutions can bring learning to life. Consider speaking with sales contacts to learn how specific solutions fit into your learning environment and goals.

Essential skills learned through STEAM will be the greatest benefit of the future as technology improves, evolves, and takes an even larger position in the world. 

Explore our STEAM solutions now.