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Why Teachers Choose SAM Labs

Why Teachers Choose SAM Labs

#SAMSuccess stories: Why Teachers Choose SAM Labs

From STEAM and Learn to Code courses, to the Maker and Creator Specialty packages, our solutions cater to a whole mix of ages, abilities and curriculum goals. 

Teachers also choose SAM Labs for varying reasons too, and derive joy from these projects in different ways!

Today’s #SAMSuccess stories come from Redmond, OR, and Bellevue, WA, where SAM Labs has been rolled out into elementary and middle schools. 

Each teacher has their own unique take on why SAM Labs works for them. Here are just some of the examples of how our lessons and tech bring them and their students joy…

“Seeing the kids light up when what they are doing works. Let the kids do most of the thinking and problem solving!” – Carolyn Lester, Computer Lab Assistant/Webmaster, Redmond Schools.

“I love the ability to show students how to code, and they have an immediate result they can see from a physical device they can touch and hold.” – Chris Jaentsch, Computer Lab/STEAM teacher, John Tuck Elementary, Redmond Schools.

“SAM Labs is hands-on, engaging for kids, with amazing lessons and professional development support.” – Cheri Bortleson, K-5 STEM Teacher/CS Developer, Bellevue School District. 

They even had some advice for teachers who haven’t yet started their SAM Labs journey…

Chris Jaentsch said: “Be creative and let the students explore what the block and the program can do. They will be curious and want to just “play” with the blocks and the program. Give them access to it and let them explore at first before you try to restrict them to a guided lesson.”

Cheri Bortleson said: “Be willing to try and try again, don’t be afraid to start using the kits with kids!”

Engagement? Tick. Versatility? Tick. Teacher support? Tick. 

Why not give SAM Labs a try yourself? Review our solutions or get a free trial. If you’re an existing customer and need assistance, visit our Support Center.