About SAM Labs

Innovative STEAM solutions that bring lightbulb moments to life in elementary - middle school classrooms.

Despite its many benefits, implementing a STEAM curriculum can be daunting for schools and teachers. Introducing new content into existing curricula and finding time for additional hands-on activities can be challenging, especially given budget and time constraints. SAM Labs offers curriculum-aligned lesson packs, starter lessons, teacher training, curriculum resources, standards alignment maps, and support so that educators can successfully implement STEAM into their classrooms. Ultimately, our goal is to help educators develop well-rounded, critical thinkers with 21st century skills who are prepared to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Our Mission

SAM Labs is transforming K-8 education and the way students learn computational thinking and other critical 21st-century skills through our STEAM educational resources. Created by educators and honed by research, our mission is to deliver high-quality, interactive, scalable educational experiences to all students and educators.

We provide intuitive online coding and creator environments that engage learners of all ages and skill levels. From kindergarten through elementary school and middle school, we have specialized edtech solutions for all students. We provide one-of-a-kind Bluetooth-enabled hardware that brings students’ creations to life in a way never before possible. We provide easy-to-use curriculum and lesson plans that empower teachers to bring STEAM education and coding into the classroom, STEAM/innovation labs, maker spaces, and afterschool programs in new and exciting ways. And we provide world-class support to ensure every educator and every student has the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Why Elementary and Middle Schools Choose SAM Labs:

Easy to Implement

Our STEAM, Learn to Code, and Maker Solutions are all easy to begin using right away and include edtech implementation guides and support from our team of former educators.


Our K-8 STEAM and coding solutions include ready-to-use lessons tied to all major state and national standards including CCSS, NGSS, and CSTA.

Flexible Implementation

Our K-8 solutions work in a variety of learning environments including in general classrooms, learning centers and labs, afterschool programs, and many more.

Reliable Hardware

Our research-backed, Bluetooth-enabled hardware is designed for the realities of the modern classroom and stands up to even the roughest treatment from K-8 learners.

Sparking True Aha Moments

Most of all, schools and districts use SAM Labs because our resources spark profound aha moments with students of all ages and learning levels.

Educators Love SAM Labs!

A little about us

SAM Labs creates innovative solutions to integrate STEAM and coding into any school. We partner with educators to bring STEM and CS concepts to life in K-8 classrooms with tools, lessons, & world-class support.

Created by educators and honed by researchers, SAM Labs’ products enable schools to teach foundational 21st century skills and amplify existing resources. 

Simple and effective enough for Gen Ed, versatile and open-ended enough for advanced STEM programs, we enable districts to lay the foundation for their students’ STEM success in high school and beyond.

Our mission

We are driven to provide high quality, interactive, scalable educational experiences to all students and educators. With SAM Labs, teachers get back to why they became teachers. 
Our customers invest in the learning, future potential and joy of their students by using a tool that integrates with their classroom, invests in their growth and takes care of administrative tasks. 
Our success is educators’ success and when educators are successful, students succeed. We put our energy behind this equation every day on behalf of educators everywhere. 
“When it’s all said & done with SAM Labs, my hope is to have helped bring creative educators into the mainstream limelight for them to grow, gain recognition, & celebrated often amongst the teacher community as a more realistic path for sustainable teaching. Simple as that.”
-Joachim Horn, CEO and Founder

Our values